Bernie Slaven

Cornerstone developed the site and helped us understand everything about it. I feel confident that they will help us in the future when we need it. Great customer service.

- Bernie Slaven

Bernie Slaven: A sporting legend, public speaker, commentator and podcast host.

Bernie Slaven’s previous site had seen little progress since it was built around 2010, and in mid-2021 it was definitely showing. Sporting a grid layout prevalent at the time, it was clear to see that the site was in dire need of a makeover to bring it into the modern day.

The old Bernie Slaven website

Throughout development, we liaised with Bernie about every aspect of the site from the colour scheme to the content, and sought approval for each major addition, to which we approved positive feedback which allowed us to deliver an excellent and eye-catching new site for Bernie Slaven.

Fast forward to the finished product, and Bernie Slaven’s site has never looked so good, and features an eye-catching hero with depth effects, a clean and modern layout with a colour scheme derived from Bernie’s previous endeavours, and an online store that has already seen great success.

The new Bernie Slaven website