Video Content

Video Production

At Cornerstone Marketing Solutions we pride ourselves on the content we provide to our clients. Anyone can post a photo taken on their phone, but very few can create professional 4K Video Footage or High Definition images that will demand the attention of your audience.

When creating videos, we also take into account the other ways customers will interact with your content, for example with bespoke thumbnails designed to entice the click of a play button.

Our loadout includes industry leading brands to ensure we are equipped to provide an excellent viewing experience for your customers.

We integrate video with the power of social media platforms to maximise the impact our production has on your business.

Video gives consumers confidence

Combine Video and Social

Our social media packages can include monthly video content that is designed to enhance your page’s reach and boost engagement across all your chosen platforms.

Imagine every month having a new HD video uploaded to your social media pages, an advertisement with graphics, voice over and music that is tailored to effectively sell your products and services.