The Origin

ThePropertySmith is a unique business, targeting potential investors who are looking for additional income without the headache. Originally, ThePropertySmith had a logo consisting of intertwined diamonds.

However, we felt that this could be explored much further.

The original logo of ThePropertySmith

While maintaining the diamond motif, we set to work to envisage a new look and feel for ThePropertySmith, that would appeal to potential clients and partners.

ThePropertySmith Rebrand

After exploring possible options, we settled on the use of negative space to create an emblem with a diamond silhouette cut out of a solid square. The type for the logo is Niveau Grotesk, modified with expanded joints for added detail.

Once finalised, we collated brand guidelines, losing the red from the branding and sticking with tones of blue and grey.

This updated brand is now present on all social media posts for ThePropertySmith. The brand, combined with photography and videography that we have created, have given a new take on the business and its cause.