Creative Content

4k video creation

At Cornerstone Marketing Solutions we pride ourselves on the content we provide t our clients. Anyone can put together a post but very few can create professional 4K Video Footage or High Definition images that will demand the attention of your audience.

When creating videos, we also take into account the other ways customers will interact with your content, for example with bespoke thumbnails designed to entice the click of a play button.

Imagine every month having a new HD video uploaded to your social media pages, a commercial with graphics, voice over and music that is tailored to effectively sell your products and services. Our team have a vast experience working in many different industries.

Our loadout includes a industry brands such as Sony, dJi, Røde, Aputure, Apple and Blue.

We influence with video through the power of social media with Facebook, Youtube and other leading platforms.

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creative and marketing agency stockton-on-tees teesside

Graphical Content

Here at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions we have in house experts at graphic and digital design. Our team is highly experienced in leading design platforms such as Adobe Photoshop.

We can produce effective social media graphics for your business, social media banners, profile pictures, thumbnails, logo design, leaflets, posters and more.

We also offer a full brand overhaul or starter service where our expert designers uniquely create your brands online look with consistent colours, fonts and logos to maximise or kickstart your brands potential.

Brand Design or Overhaul

Our team are not just experts in growing your brand online, they also can help you form a new one.

If you are starting a new business we can help you with logo design, business cards, letter design and more. We can help you form a branding format to make your business become more recognisable and to take it that one step further.

We will work with you and/or your team directly to uniquely create an attractive, modern and consistent appearance for your business.

The appearance of your brand online and overall is the first thing people will see and the first thing they will make a judgement on, you need this to be memorable and appealing.

We also offer this service for people who already have a business but want to maximise its potential by giving it a fresh look.

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